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  1. So I read an article on MSN.com where the owner of an upscale steak restaurant in Louisville refused to serve OJ Simpson because HE is sickned by the attention that OJ gets. He also said he doesn't like the way that OJ "tortures those famillies."

    I personally think that is disgusting, but it shows how twisted things are in this society. :yucky: OJ was found not guilty at the criminal trial, yet he is still treated as guilty. In this society we often pride ourselves on saying that someone is innocent until proven guilty, but it seems that people don't really adhere to this. Yes, public opinion is different from a court of law, but we should still treat citizens in this manner whether we are in a court of law or not. Of course this man is the owner, he can do what he chooses, but I just know that if I ever come across a restaurant that he owns, I will not give him my business because I think this is horrible. In OJ'S favor he simply said he understood and left the restaurant, showing class in this situation. In fact I think HE was the bigger person.
  2. :shocked: Is the man deranged?! What attention? I haven't heard of OJ for years! To be completely honest, I think HE (the man that kicked OJ out) just created more attention for OJ which he is completely sickened by (according to him!).:rolleyes:
  3. Yes, he was found not guilty (that does not mean innocent, it means the prosecution couldn't prove it) but he was found guilty in a civil court.

    This is the man who wanted to publish a book called If I Did It describing how he would have killed Nicole and Ron.

    He also has said that he will see to it that none of his money will go to the Goldman and Brown families, even though the court has ordered him to pay it.
  4. I personally think that the owner should have just let him stay. Seriuosly, I dont think Oj was in the press lately until this owner came out with this....
  5. I think he is a horrible man!
  6. I know that he was found not guilty.I don't think I said he was found innocent. But the court system does say innocent until proven guilty. He was not proven guilty.

    He wasn't found guilty in the civil case. He was found to be liable in their deaths. There is a difference. And in my opinion that was ridiculous and I'm glad he never paid those people.
  7. I can understand if the owner did it b/c he got complaints from customers. If i was in a restaurant with OJ i would feel a little uncomfortable too. The owner even said he recieved many positive e-mails from customers after the incident. I read that now his lawyers are going to play the race card and try to get some money out of this, which is probably why he left so willingly. I'm not his biggest fan.
  8. Now he wants money for leaving a restaurant?!? Disgusting. He has no conscience of anything. His own kids don't want to be around him. Last year I was in a restaurant in Miami and OJ was there. I got up and left.
  9. I just read yesterday the Goldmans are trying to buy OJ's book "If I did it" & release it under the name "A double murderer confesses!" :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    "Those people" won a judgement against him. He is not above the law & should pay. The rest of us would have to.

  10. Sorry, but I agree with Caitlin here...I think he's a sick man...and just say he was innocent, WHY would he publish a disgusting book about how he would have done it???? That's just sick. I wouldn't want him around either.
  11. The jury that was picked for his criminal trial shows how twisted our society is. With overwhelming DNA evidence that he did it they let him off. Cause they were too stupid to understand the statistics behind the blood evidence. Or they flat out ignored it cause his lawyers were able to play the race card.

    His book was written & now sitting on a shelf. The Goldman's are fighting to buy it cause the money Regan books gave OJ was paid under the table which violates the lawsuit the Goldman's won. ("those people" as I have heard them referred to here). OJ's arrogance that he is above the law just doesn't quit.

    I don't want to eat in a restaurant with a double murderer. I understand DNA statistics.
  12. actually, any business owner has A RIGHT to refuse service. I would have done the same. I dont think the owner was wrong at all. his restaraunt, his right to refuse service. I think its pretty HILARIOUS that OJs lawyer is threating to get the owners liquor license suspended because he believes it was RACIAL, give me a break. Just because he was found NOT guilty in the eyes of the court doesnt make him INNOCENT. Hes a sick man who did a horrible thing.

    I agree 100% with the business owner.
  13. i agree with the business owner too 100%!
  14. I could care less if this business owner asked OJ to leave his restaurant. Who cares really? OJ won't starve because of it and other restaurants will serve him or he can eat at home......
    The business owner only gave OJ publicity. He's probably only trying to boost his restaurants revenue...
  15. Good point.

    At any rate, I do'nt think there was anything twisted about the jury in the criminal trial. We didn't hear every single shred of evidence. If the jury found him not guilty, then you need to accept that. I don't think it had anything to do with the race card. I think there was more to it than that. I really think the glove situation was what drove the nail into the coffin for the prosecution more than anything else. Not to mention that Fuhrman lied about using racial slurs. The bigges thing with that isn't just playing the race card. It shows two important thing: first that he is a liar; second that with his racial attitudes, chances are he might try to frame a minority if given the opportunity.

    As for whether the owner had a right to do this, that isn't at issue. What I have issue with is that the owner is taking it upon himself to "serve" a form of justice. I mena he wasn't getting any complaints. He even admitted to that. And if OJ walked out quitely, that should tell everyone that he's not just some deranged freak ready to go off and get violent.
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