Oink! Oink!

  1. I went to Coach Chandler yesterday and I bought the new Pink makeup bag and the Pig key fob. Both are just too cute for words! Will post pix when I get home tonight.

    The makeup bag has pink LEATHER on it in the middle, not fabric, so that makes it nicer. Its lined in satin, so I dont recommend using it for makeup at all. It also has pockets in it on each side. Wish they would have just added a wrist strap for it, it would be a great wristlet.

    The pig is selling out everywhere and Chandler only had 3 left yesterday.

    PCE NEWS: Cards have gone out, but they are doing it different this time. You can use your card ONCE and they will take it from you at the time of purchase. NOT everyone who received them last time will get them this time. Since they dont send them to everyone in their data base. They THINK the PCE event is the week of the 14th, but they havent received anything from corporate saying so.

    My SA told me to not buy anything (if I can hold off) until October/November when the new PINK bags come out! There is a new color called Raisin, I saw it in their book, but it looks pink not purple.

    I do want the khaki sig/ chili trim tote thats out now though. Just dont know what size.

    They are having problems with the breast cancer key chains with all the charms. It seems the heart charm with the prongs is getting caught on things and breaking or the stone is falling out. They are NOT calling this a defect and if that happens they said they will not replace it! I guess they are cracking down on what they think is the customers fault.

    Just wanted to give you guys an update. Go buy that pig! Its so cute!
  2. I bought that little pink piggy yesterday the moment I saw it..It's sooosoosoo cute! I love it! :yes:
  3. oh....the Chandler Coach store is where I shop also....3 left? ummm....maybe I better head over there and get that pig! We nicknamed our bulldog "pig" so I have a lot of pig stuff. LOL
  4. Cool thanks for the news, Oh Donna!
  5. Eep I can't wait to see!
  6. That piggy is precious....I saw it last week at the Coach boutique ... can't wait to see!
  7. I love pigs - I better get off my butt and pick one up
  8. the piggie is so cute but not for $50 IMO.
  9. i saw the piggy keyfob yesterday. it's cute, but i'd get scared that it'd scratch easily. i'll pass, but can't wait to see your pics though! can't wait for the new line to come out in oct/nov! nov is my bday month, i just may have to buy something for myself! lol
  10. It wont scratch easy, its solid metal with enamel over it. Very durable. I know because I already dropped mine twice and the dog ran off with it once in her mouth. It looks perfect. Not a mark on it.
  11. Aw, pigs! :heart:

    lol.. it sounds cute!
  12. pink bags for fall?????WOW :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    any other details about them???
  13. thanks for the info! :tup: can't wait to see pics of the little piggy!! :yes: