Oily eyelids..! Creasing always happens to me :(

  1. So I've decided to post and see if anyone has the same problem as me!

    I have oily eyelids or whatever that is, my makeup will always crease up! I have a bigger asian eyes and it kinda half folds.. and that cause my eyeshadow to crease bad and no longer retain the way I want it to look after 2 hours at work! My eyelashes are pretty long as well so the mascara get to my eye lids as well! So it looks like I haven't put new makeup on for days!

    I've tried sooo many different method to help my situation.. Primer.. Good foundation... Loose powder... and I've bought all kinds of eyeshadow just to see if anything would work well with me but of course there's no improvements.. I must have spent more money on eyeshadows than anything throughout the years!

    Do you guys have the same problem and maybe have a recommendation on what I should do and use as far as makeup?
  2. I''ve had the same problem with the eyeshadow creasing (since my skin is VERY oily)... and then i started using the stila "smudge pots" and it was perfect! It stayed on all day, didn't smudge (even if i didn't put on a primer). Of course the problem is that... these smudge pots don't come in variety of shades (but since i use a lot more darker colors it works fine for me- i use the bronze).

    As for the mascara~ use water proof! ( i just use the one from maybeline- XXL) - I'm sort of addicted to these... even though i've tried other brands which were more expensive.. i don't think it worked as well. Oh and don't forget to use eye lash curler.

    I totally know what you're going through! I"m korean, and i have the double eyelid + i have oily skin.. so my make up would run off everywhere (eye shadows/ mascara).
  3. Urban Decay Primer Potion is the best! Have you tried that? I have never had makeup crease while using it.

  4. co-sign, works like you wouldn't believe, and trust me, I have oily eyelids (and skin).

    take the wand and put some of the product on your eyes, then smooth and blend with your finger. wait a second or two and put on your favorite eyeshadow
  5. I've tried Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC's paints, MAC's shadesticks, and Smashboxes' lid & lip primer. I find MAC's shadesticks and Smashboxes' lip & lid primer to be the best. (I like the shadesticks a little more because they come in colors.) First I use the shadestick. I put a thin even coat on and blend with my finger lightly. Next I put a base shadow on. I ususally use a light neutral unless I'm using really dark colors. Next I apply the actual color/colors I'm going to use. The neutral base shadow helps with the blending of the colors I put on top. When I apply shadow like this it lasts all day and does not crease or change color. For eyeliner I use a pencil first, then I go over it in a matching shade of shadow. It lasts all day and stays put.
  6. I love Urban Decay PP. Good stuff :tup: I don't have oily lids, but I'm confident it will hold up any eyeshadow.
  7. my shadow ALWAYS creased...until I discovered Urban Decay Primer Potion. This stuff is amazing and I never ever crease when I use it!
  8. That's one thing I didn't try.. Urban Decay's primer but I did try the mac...

    I'm heading to Tysons (big mall for metro dc area) today anyway so I can drop by sephora... Thanks girls :biggrin:

    I hope this will work!
  9. I love using Bare Escentuals Prime Time eyelid primer. It's the best! My eyeshadow is still on my eyelids when I get home from work. LOVE IT!
  10. i can't live w/o this product!!!
  11. Another vote for Urban Decay Primer Potion! This is the ONLY stuff that works for me and I always have a backup on hand.
  12. I think I will kinda HAVE TO try the Urban Decay PP... Everyone's saying it's good.. and I just read about the "cut your ud pp open" for more thread LOL.

    I'm excited to go to sephora later having an idea what to buy!! Finally something I know I have to buy from sephora!
  13. another vote for urban decay primer potion! i thought i had the oily-est eyelids in the world... with UD primer potion i could probably wear eyeshadow from morning till the next more and i'm sure the stuff wouldn't budge.

    the longest i've worn it was from 7 am to around midnight and it stilll looked great.
    without it.. my eyeshadow would probably last from 7 am to 10 am.

    i was so excited when i first tried it that i sent my friend a huge long email telling her she needed to buy it and she thought it was a spam email!
  14. I'm so mad!!! Sephora ran out of UD PP! I wanted to cry so I end up shopping for other stuff to make me feel better traveling almost an hour to the nearest Sephora.
  15. I used to have the same problem until I discovered this stuff! It's awesome!

    Ulta has it too! Is there an Ulta near you?