Oily eye lids??

  1. Ive got really oily eyelids which makes my eyeshadows do all sorts of funky things! They get all oily and clump up at the ends of my eyes, or in a crease. It looks like its melting off my face!! What can I do to keep my make up in place?? I've tried to Lip&Lid from SmashBox, but after about 8 hours it started to show some flaws. Any one have any tips??
  2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - this is a must have miracle product! You can get it at Sephora or Ulta.
  3. how much does that go for? do you know?
  4. another good one is the mac paint pot in the shade painterly
  5. do u know if theres oil in theres?
  6. i recommend either the urban decay or the mac paint pots as well. the urban decay is great as an all-purpose eyeshadow base (i have horribly oily eyelids as well); the paint pots i have in several different colors, which is great as a base under eye shadows of similar colors.
  7. You know, my eyelids are oily too. I tried the Urban Decay primer potion and I have to say it is a bust on me. Why? Well, I have very translucent skin and I need something that is going to cover up the veins on my eyelids so I have a good clean base to work from. The UD potion is sheer so it didn't give the coverage I need, sob.

    SO...I stick with my tried and true formula of using the same foundation I use on the rest of my face and then dust with translucent powder. THEN I apply my eye makeup. HTH, it lasts all day. Even powder shadow stays on.
  8. I think it's around $15.
  9. I was about to suggest UB Primer Potion but it's already been done LOL.
  10. I saw those primers can be a tad bit expensive, so I use a few drops of maybelline wonder finish foundation on my lids.

    It dries to a satin-smooth matt finish and it lasts for hours! It hasnt failed me yet!! :tup:
  11. YES! I totally recommend Urbay Dacay's Primer Potion. I'm on my second bottle. The formula really helps the eyemakeup stay put.
  12. The only thing that's worked for me is Awake's circle solution. it's labeled as being for dark circles and puffiness but the SA told me it's a good eyeshadow base and it really works wonderfully:smile: Eyeshadow lasts all day without creasing even in 80% humidity:smile:
  13. I would not recommend using a face foundation on your eyes, it may work for some of you but it's not formulated for the eye area, nevermind going directly on your lids. The skin around the eye area is much more delicate and then whatever you put around your eyes can get in them, facial foundations are just not meant to go on your eyes and in the long run you may harm your eye area way more than it was worth keeping that eyeshadow on.
  14. Urban Decay's Primer Potion! This stuff is a miracle. I believe it sells for about $18 at ulta and sephora. After 5 years of trying every primer/base known to man i can finally wear eyeshadow everyday ALL day without a problem because of this stuff!
  15. I've noticed that Smashbox eyeshadow does not crease.