Oilily Liquidation sale up to 90%

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  1. Oilily in Tysons Galleria (Mclean, VA) is having liquidation sale right now. It's up to 90% and you'll get extra 30% off if you buy 2 or more. I guess store is closing. They have lot of cute stuffs.
  2. is it in store only ?
  3. so sad :sad: More sad I don't have one to shop in Dallas anymore. They're changing to a new company called Qelavi.
  4. I was there yesterday and the SA said whole chain is closing - Quelavi too...the whole thing.
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    I used to be a such a big fan of their children clothes. Until my nearest store in Manhasset closed, then the Woodbury Outlet..then the Soho & Madison store started liquidating...they're all prob. gone now... :sad: I used to go crazy for their clothes and ordered their newest collection from the UK and Netherland if not found is US...so sad to hear they're filing bankruptcy...
  6. that's weird, I'm still getting news/e-mail from Qelavi{?}
  7. I was at the Northbrook location on saturday and they had mostly empty shelves and were taking down the store. Just a few items left. I might stop by the Chicago location and check it out, but she said they will be closed even before they will. :crybaby:
  8. How good is the sale?
  9. Is it still worth checking out the one in Tysons Galleria?
  10. I worked there a couple years ago and it was VERY poorly managed from the top--no communication and poor financial responsibility. I'm sad the company is closing, but I'm not surprised :sad:
  11. i went Monday. They have some really cute stuff for 0-12mths. For clothing over a year, it's very limited. No more bottoms, mainly shirts and sweaters. Some items were just 30% off. I'll snap a pic tonite of the stuff I bought for you to see.
  12. I used to wear oilily when I was younger, I miss those days! Anyway, I feel sorry for the kids that cannot wear this stuff due to their closing, it was so well made and just bright and fun :girlsigh:

    It makes me think of the other brands, Chippie, C17, Naf Naf etc. again :girlsigh:
  13. ^^so true, I love oilily clothes, I still got a cardi or 2 and a weekend bag I adore! those prints were so much fun to wear!
  14. I only have a t shirt left, cannot fit it, but cannot let it go!!:nuts: