oil stain on leather?! HELP!

  1. last week i bought an ammaaazzing frassineti leather bag... and tonight, i left it on the kitchen counter for two seconds.. and someone got a blob of pesto on it.

    the bag has been pretty good with water, but how do i get oil out of it? will it fade with time?
  2. The oil won't fade with time, but to get oil out, you need to put cornstarch on top of the oil stain and leave it. The cornstarch is super absorbent and should absorb the oil.
  3. ^ That's a good idea!

    I once got some sauce on my bag and used some leather conditioner on it. It seemed to help it fade a bit. I would probably try the cornstarch trick first now that I know about it.
  4. I got some cuticle oil onto my chanel lambskin and the SA helped me to put it under a dryer for a while and it came back pretty decent. She said something about drying it out evenly tho i did not see how she got it done. Perhaps u might want to try it as soon as the stain gets on and not too high heat?
  5. grrendrv is rite...cornstarch works best with oil.....for more detailed instructions pls refer to lovinmybags website, link below

    Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags