Oil spot on Patina....HELP!!!!

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  1. I just went to diner today with couple of my friends. So while the waiter bring out food, he dropped some french fries on the chair that I put my LV Multicolore Speedy on. I was annoyed at first, but didn't want to make a scene. But after we finshed, I found a mark on patina...turn out it was from the french fires oil...OMG...I don't know what to do...Should I clean it with baby wipe, leather cleaner????? Please give me some advice...My bag just turn light honey color...What to do now :sad: :cry: :crybaby:
  2. Eeek! You can try a baby wipe, but it may dry out the handle.. even IF you use the unscented ones. I guess as long as its only a small spot it cant hurt to try.
  3. What part is the patina? Sorry, I'm new to this!
  4. Try non alcohol baby wipes. so sorry to hear this.
  5. baby wipes have worked well for me
  6. Sorry for not mention clearer...The spot was on the patina on the front pocket...so it look really visible :crybaby:
  7. Non-alcohol baby wipes!! keep rubbing hard, then letting it dry, then rubbing with babywipes again. it should come off!! same thing happened to me last month and my bag is fine now! good luck
  8. Oh no! Try non-alcoholic baby wipes. Can you post a picture so we can see it?
  9. Leather absorbs oil, so the baby wipes may not work. I would see what it would cost to replace the piece, but then the leather won't match the rest of the bag.....

    Do let us know what happens!
  10. The first week I had my graffiti speedy I had a waitress spill water on it. I freaked big time. It dried so I don't know if I will end up with a spot. Now I keep a plastic bag at the bottom of my purse and I cover it at restaurants, movie theatres, etc. It looks dumb but I dont care.

    This may be a horrible idea and feel free to slap me, but if baby wipes do not help what about wiping the entire leather part with something oily? It would darken it but at least wouldn't it be all one color? I can imagine wiping more oil might be stressful though........I don't know it was just a thought.
  11. non-alcoholic baby wipes! LOL :smile:
  12. i have a pebble leather coach which was stained by baby oil and it was horrible! i read from somewhere that cornstarch powder helps by allowing it to absorb the oil. so i did and after a few days of doing so my bag is perfect again! i suggets you try this method instead of baby wipes that could actually darken the vachetta.
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  13. I also dropped some oily food onto my MC agenda PM's vachetta and let it sit there for a week before I realized what happened. I grabbed some alcohol free baby wipes AND wet Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I first wiped with the baby wipes. Then I used light strokes with the magic eraser and then wipes again with the baby wipes. I let it sit and dry and oil spot was gone in a couple of hours. Good luck!
  14. I've used baby wipes to remove dirt and "blend in" water spots with very good results, but to what extent it works for oil stains I am not too sure. But I would be very cautious to rub too hard or too much, as it does dry out the leather and may weaken it. I'd suggest to avoid anything too drastic, just in case it worsens the situation. Worst case it will eventually blend in when the patina darkens...I know it's painful to wait for that to happen, but at least it's not something beyond repair.
  15. xdianaax, they are calling the cowhide leather the patina. The natural color handles and trim on monograms and a bunch of others models.