oil on a leather bag???!

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  1. i accidentally spilled butter on a b makowsky bag, and it looks discolored now. the butter seeped to the outside of the bag from the inside so the damage is pretty severe. how do i get this out if possible? soap + water? any other methods?

    thanks in advance!
  2. I haven't tried this personally but have read that you can try applying cornstarch over the spill and drying with a blow-dryer to help the cornstarch absorb the oils. There are other tips on lovinmybags.com. You may want to check them out.
  3. I just saw this thread, and I was basically going to suggest this same thing. Something needs to be placed on top of that oil to absorb a lot of it. But, the stain might still be there, but it's worth a try. Can't hurt it any more than it already is.
  4. Nothing to add because the ladies above beat me to it, but I just wanted to say that I hope your bag comes clean D:

  5. many time i drop oil on my cloth :rolleyes:

    my solution is I strew powder (like johnsons baby powder) on the oily spot

    I keep it all the night over it..if the powder become wet.. I change the powder by new one

    most of the time its disappear

    try it with your bag maybe it help

    good luck
  6. this afternoon, the grease from my pasta spilled onto my leather marc by marc jacobs bag, and about 10 minutes later, the dime sized spot was gone! all i did was blot it with a tissue & let it sit there. maybe you should just leave it & it should disappear on it's own. =]