oil of olay

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  1. What do you think of their products?
  2. i used to use it when i was much younger - for me it didn't do much for my skin (their skincare line) so i stopped using that, but i do use their olay face wipes religiously every night after taking my makeup off and every morning
  3. i used their eye cream and moisturizer ... and i like them ... cos i have oily skin .. most face creams make my face even more oily ... but their cream doesnt and keeps me matte through out the day which i love
  4. I actually love the Olay Sensitive Complete SPF15 and 30 moisturizers in the Summer. The Regenerist Eye Gel isn't half-bad either for a starter eye cream, but I don't find it meets my needs now in my mid-20s versus my early twenties.
  5. I loved the facial wipes and have been using it for years and then Olay discontinued them..... ugh.
  6. good stuff
  7. It's okay---my mother swears by their cold cream & moisturizer. I tried them both but they made me break out like crazy (especially the cold cream) so I had to stop. I loved how soft my skin felt immediately after using the cold cream though so it's just a shame it makes me break out in an acne-fest. I don't think their products are good for those who have oily skin (like me).
  8. I use their anti aging cleanser in the shower and it works well to minimize discolorations and provide a brighter complexion. I also used a simple moisturizer in a lotion form they had and I saw a difference in how plump my face looked but I haven't seen it around lately, they have so many formulations it's hard to tell which one it is, or if it's been discontinued. I wish so many of these manufacturers would just keep the old classics as they are, labeling and all.