OI! Darn sales people @ coach

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  1. I placed an order monday over the phone, I called today to see if they had tracking info.... after being put on hold 2x i was told i would get a call back as they had to look into this and would call me back in 30 mins.. Seems they cant find the order.... OI! They took all the payment info over the phone (i've done this before) so didnt think twice... now I may have to wait longer for my item...

  2. Oh, that is the pits. :tdown: I bet you were really looking forward to the arrival in a few days. Maybe they can give you free overnight shipping. I placed an order once over the phone, and they gave me a number I could look up online. Here's to hoping you get it soon!
  3. How frustrating!!!! I would be irritated to.
  4. Well that is why I called today. the kids are bothering me to go and get school stuff but I know the moment I leave they will be with my package and i'll miss them. I called to see if they would give me an order number/tracking info and well they cant find the order.

    I just got a call a moment ago asking the c/c number(last 4 digits) they will call me back again.... Oi.
    I hope I dont get charged 2x for this.
  5. Oh no! That's very frustrating!
  6. That blows- hope things get fixed up!!!
  7. I also had this happen once when I ordered a charm directly from JAX. They "lost" the order. They could not find my order by anything...name, address, etc other than the PO number, which I had written down. If you have a P.O. number, have them plug that in. It may have already been processed and shipped out. In my case, the package was arriving later that afternoon, but I was checking with them because I hadn't received any email regarding the order (and it had been a few days).
  8. What is going on with the SAs at the stores these days? Is good help THAT hard to find? Sheesh, maybe I SHOULD work for one of the boutiques part time, sounds like they need the help! I hope you get this resolved soon!
  9. Omg I'll tell you.. I had ordered the Pleated Ergo Capacity Wristlet in White the last time I had a $50 off $150 card, and it did not ship because it was unavailable. I was still charged and not notified that I wasn't going to get it! I had to call the store personally to check up on it, and also come in to exchange for something else. :sad:
  10. Well i got a call back and seem then found the order but it hasnt been shipped yet. they are now going to express ship it to me and they me a tracking number which should work after 5pm.
  11. I just tried tracking, so now according to FedeX I should have it on friday.... That's good news, at least I know its been shipped. I just hope its the correct item.
  12. What did you order? A new wallet? glad everything got straightened out!

  13. Ridiculous.
  14. Bump..what'd ya get?? I am dying over here wondering!!
  15. same here :thinking: