Ohmygosh! YAYYYY!! + pics of my bambino.

  1. I havnt been on in foreverrr!
    My internet got shut off for a really long time, plus school was starting.. and AHHH.
    My internet got turned back on justttttt in time to findddd....
    A LAMORE BELLA.:heart::heart::heart:
    So guess whaaatttt I bought! :3

    Plus here's a picture of my Bambino.. with a gross picture of me in it.

  2. ALSO.
    Im making myself some tokidoki high heals. :]
    Ill put pics of those later. :'D
  3. You're MAKING them?!?!!! Sweet!! Yes, pics are in order!! Congrats on your Bambino!!
  4. Lol yeah!
    I got some cheap white leather heals and im painting on them. :]

    Im more excited about the lamore bella. :'D
  5. I want to see pics of the bella when you get a chance!!! Congrats on the bambino :tup:
  6. I think the bambino is my favorite, and then comes the gioco. needless to say, LOVE the bag :smile:
  7. I lurve almost alllll tokidoki.
    I dont really like the newer print.
    I like colors. :3
  8. When it comes in the mail, ill take a pic. :]
  9. WELL, my bella has been paid for and should be here by wednesday! :]]]