OHMYGOSH Someone just slap me ;)


Nov 1, 2010
Yeah okay, so around Valentine's Day I bought my first LV and now I have this crazy urge to get the Mono Eva. It's summer and I just don't wanna drag all kinds of stuff around with me, I want a crossbody bag, sooo this morning I ordered a Eva. I never have more than one handbag, what the heck is wrong with me, I have issues ;) I kept seeing all these gorgeous Eva photos on here and I just couldn't take it anymore ;) So I ordered it to be shipped in one day and I already have the Fedex Tracking #. I'm in shock I did this but oh well, I'm super excited though ;) So that should count for something. I'm like older, so I'll probably look stupid with the Eva but it will be alot easier to carry around, I'm always soo worried I'm gonna set my Speedy down and forget it. So anyways, thats what I did this morning ;) I hardly ever buy anything, so oh well ;) I called my husband and told him and he's like, yeah sooo, you never buy anything, so whats the big deal ;) So I guess that part worked out pretty good ;)
Jun 21, 2010
Well congrats on your Eva! You won't regret it... it's for all ages so you'll end up looking classy with it for sure! Did you get it in mono or Damier? It's a piece you'll have forever and you can pass it down as well.