OhmyGAWD! I'm in Love with Andrea!

  1. Girls,

    I've been looking for a "bigger" bag. My collection consists of a Soho small flap, a swingpack, and a Legacy shoulder flap. Needing that big bag darnit.

    So I started searching and have fallen MADLY in love with the Andrea satchel! What line/year was this from and how many colors?

    I must, must, must have this bag.
  2. I have seen it at the outlets.
  3. The Andrea satchel is from late last year/early this year. I believe it first appeared in the catalogue that the Carly's first showed up in.

    In my catalogue it lists that it's available in: White, Black, Cognac, and Fatigue.
  4. Too bad I don't have a good one close by, 4 hrs away! And I want it in Cognac....
  5. Search eBay, I see them regularly in black & natural. Good Luck!
  6. Andrea is such a beautiful bag...I came really close to buying one in Natural a couple of months ago on eBay. My boutique had one on display in Natural this past spring and I used to drool over it everytime I went in. The leather is like butter!! If you do an eBay search you should be able to find one at a good price. Good luck!!
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I see someone is sharing the love I've found.

    I love that bag.
    I've gotten so many compliments on it. My mother was eyeing my bag too!!:graucho:

    I want it in Black, already have it in Cognac...but it's not in boutique anymore and hard to find at outlet.

    Ebay may be the last resort, but I'm on a chill-moment right now in regard to more bag buying.
  8. That bag is really gorgeous in person. I've seen it at the San Marcos outlet for $399 less 20% off, if I remember correctly. They have it in whiskey and natural, and they are really stunning bags.

    Alas, I can't carry heavy satchels and keep up with my kids so I have to admire them on other people!
  9. I have it in cognac and it is my favorite bag! I hardly see it anymore so yes, ebay would be the best resort if you want to find one but it will be worth it:tup:
  10. I just bought one in Fatigue. I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I can't wait! It just looks like such a classic bag, with neat/fun little accents.
  11. Do you have the style number? If you do, I'd suggest calling Coach Customer Service and asking them if they still have any. Quite often they'll have at least a couple in the warehouse and you could get it directly from Coach.
  12. The Andrea Satchel is style 10555, eBay currently has black, natural, "the rarest" fatigue & cognac. I haven't seen it in white in awhile. But call COACH C/S, they might have something. Never hurts to try!
  13. yeah it is a gorgeous bag. i was THISCLOSE to buying one a few months ago but my stupid conscience took over.