Ohmigosh i have gone Lv crazy

  1. I've gone crazy, too! In the last 3 weeks I bought a Sully pm, red epi card holder, cos pouch, zippy wallet & today I bought a DE speedy b 25 (I needed this for an up coming vacation, lol!) & they're all new so no savings, ugh! Collecting LV is very addictive :smile:
  2. Hysterical!
  3. I love how you say NEED. Lol
  4. Lol ditto. You ladies are bad influences hahahha
  5. Such lucky ladies that your DHs buy you beautiful purses :smile:

    To OP - You're not losing it, honey! Last month I purchased the Artsy Empreinte, Evora MM, Tivoli PM, and Siracusa PM. Then this month I went on a Chanel rampage and bought classic flaps in the Jumbo and M/L sizes. So relieved to know that I'm not alone. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks for this thread now I'm reassured that I'm normal lol
  7. This is me:
    Will go to LV store and one or two would be off my list - but even before leaving the store;one or two would be added on my wish list (again)! :biggrin:
  8. I just bought my Neverfull GM yesterday & I'm already look at buying another bag. You're not alone!
  9. if i would buy my 4 new wishlist like TREVI GM, TIVOLI GM, VERONA MM AND BERKELEY DE i will surely stop buying expensive stuff like LV!???:panic: maybe not??? :shrugs: lol
  10. You're addiction is ok just be careful you don't wind up on the Money Talks forum :giggles:
  11. Although I'm not American, I've decided to plead the fifth on this one.
  12. i feel the same way, haha i used to tell myself that a neverfull would be enough for my daily needs and now i just got a speedy! 2 LVs in 2 months!! haha this addiction is crazy
  13. trust me, i'm learning first hand its better to be LV crazy (cost effective too) I've been jewelry binging and everything is 3k plus.... i miss hte days when I thought 800$ wallets and 1700$ purses were the most I would spend... which was only 6 months ago!
  14. Get the Zippy coin purse to use in the Eva and then put yourself on a ban! (that's what I would do! hee hee!)
  15. I feel like i am slowly headed in that direction. Lol