ohhMYGod look at this poor bal!

  1. i just came across this listing. i think it's an 05 sky blue city. look at the poor thing. it looks so beat up and in horrible shape :crybaby:
  2. agh! forgot to load pic. sorry.

    would any of you buy this bag looking like this??
  3. :shocked::wtf:
    Ewww :throwup:
    That poor bag so needs a major TLC
  4. one more pic
  5. Maybe someone will snatch it up for a steal and refurbish it.:s
  6. it reminds me of one of the olsen's bags i saw on a pic a while ago. i think it was the pistachio or something but it looked really really beat up. well i guess it doesn't matter when you have millions to spend on bags! but geez how can you do this to a 1K bag is beyond my understanding.

    is there really a way to refurbish this poor thing?
  7. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    Oh my....

    How much is the seller asking for it?
  8. What a shame. I feel sorry for the bag, but I am extremely picky about my bags and will only buy brand new or pre-loved in pristine condition. I can't believe anyone would let a bag get in such poor condition.
  9. the bid is starting at $199
  10. ^ That's fair enough then. I think it's probably Ice Blue and maybe it would clean up nice with a good scrubbing ;o)
  11. Nicely put RDC:tup:
  12. wow.. i would never purchase it lol but i'm sure some ladies would be able to work their magic on it!
  13. p.s. that blue bag in the link... WOW! what an amazing transformation!!!
  14. i would love to learn how to clean a poor bbag like that