ohhmrmagazine collection :)

  1. mmkay
    so for my very first post
    i am going to show you my lovely but small collection of bags
    i just started collecting this past year
    and im only 15
    so mine far less than all of yours
    but i hope one day it can grow and be as fabulous as everyone elses


    Picture 078.jpg Picture 075.jpg




    Picture 076.jpg


    Picture 077.jpg

    and these are my two newest additions
    from my amazing granma :smile:




  2. Wow, you have a great collection for someone who is 15!
  3. Wow your collection surpasses any 18 year old I know let alone 15.. awsome LOVE the Dooney tassel tote that was my first bag but mine was all black :smile:
  4. Thanks for sharing with us and welcome to the forum.:welcome:
  5. the dooney and bourke tassel tote was also my first bag
    i dont ever use it but i keep it just for the sentimental value

    and thanks for all the compliments!
  6. Is that you in the avatar ? You're sooo cute and gorgeous:tender:
    Nice collections you got there:yes: and for a 15 years old you're doing very very well!;) Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  7. Awesome collection!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!!! I see you share my love for Petit Noe!!!:nuts:
  8. haha yes thats me
    and thank youu :flowers:
  9. Welcome to the forum. Your collection is very nice. What is your dream bag?
  10. since everyone else does accessories and shoes and what not
    i decided to do my only designer shoe! haha :upsidedown:

  11. my dream bag that i might could get
    is the speedy 30
    but my dream bag that i could never ever afford
    is probably the marc jacobs ursula elise in midnight
    or any chanel or balenciaga bag!
  12. what a great start!! I'm loving the juicy...i'm a huge fan of juicy but don't own any of their bags yet...I hope to soon! they're such fun bags aren't they!
  13. haha yes they are
    i hope to soon have a new daydreamer or bowling bag
    or both!
  14. Nice collection you got there, dear:yes:
  15. lovely collection. Thank for sharing