Ohhhhhhhh Christmas Tree!!!

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  1. Santa went to early this christmas and he got my Christmas list.....i hope you guys have one too...Enjoy!!!!:tpfrox:
  2. wow, you got ALL those purses recently for Christmas?! impressive, congrats!

    Oh ya, I have no Christmas tree...:sad:( have no time to buy it and put it up (and yet I can roam on tPF for a few hrs a day??? :shrugs:)
  3. Whoah!
  4. wow. that is one amazing Xmas tree. I wish i got those heart coin purse before Xmas so I can hang them up as ornament.
  5. That was my collection...Santa was my hubby and in this case Naughtier is better than nice...The Naughty i am the more gifts from santa!!!! Hahahaha Merry Xmas guys!!!:tpfrox:
  6. I... can't stop drooooooling... over the Ambre Cabas PM!!! :drool:
  7. purses and christmas two of my favorite things.
  8. this reminds me that I still need to put up my tree haha, nice collection!
  9. Wowza!!! I was gonna say- You must have been really good this year, lol. Congrats, that is quite a collection you've got going. I can't stop looking at your blue Suhali bag :drool::nuts:
  10. wow congrats!!!
  11. Great collection!
  12. omg, great stuff! I wish my Christmas tree looked like that....
  13. Great collection....
  14. too cute!
  15. :ty:Thanks guys.. anyone canhelp me how can i post a bigger picture next time? I saw some members have bigger picture i wonder how they do it...