Ohhhhhhh Bois De Rose - pics

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  1. OH no. Don't even talk to me about treating Bbags. :nono: I do not treat my bags with chemicals. I like them age naturally.
  2. Thank you so much every one for all your sweet comments.
  3. Very pretty but I think it's just too washed out looking for me.
  4. I'm really in love with this combo! Saving my money to get it in envelope clutch (actually I prefer the PT or city, but don't think I could manage to keep it clean)... btw, your bag is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so in love how distressed the leather is!
  5. I love the comboo..however, it looks kinda purple-ish rather than pink (?)
    I need to see it in the real life :drool:
  6. There is no purple in it. I think it is one of those colors that does not photograph well. It looks different in every light.
  7. nanaz - It's beautiful. As are all your bags. Is this one a keeper you think? I am diggin it more than 06 Rose since the 06 Rose didn't have enough texture for me.
  8. :lol::lol:
    Well so far i love it and i think this is the best combo and leather i have seen in Pink. I will find out when i go home tonight. I am going to try it with different outfits and see what my heart says.
  9. ^^ I agree. I love the way it looks almost gray. Like a gray and pink if there ever was one. Me thinks it would be fairly easy to match with spring and summer outfits/colors for you!

    Let us know what you decide on, can't wait to see more pics too. :graucho:
  10. I will definitely take some more pics. My husband is a photographer. May be i will use his camera. His is the best not mine.:p
  11. Wow what a beautiful colour and this combo is perfect! Congrats!
  12. That is one gorgeous bag, Nanaz- enjoy! Curious... I know this is a pre-fall color, but do you plan to use her in the cooler months? I'm trying to decide whether or not to get one...
  13. I can see myself using it in Winter time but not in Fall. :yes:
  14. Very pretty! Looks slightly Lilac.
    The GSH looks really gorgeous on this colour.
    Many congrats, Nanaz.
  15. Thanks sweetie. Do you really see Lilac in it? how come i don't. It could be the lights in the office.