Ohhhhhhh Bois De Rose - pics

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  1. me want me want me want....
  2. love think pale pink so much.......i think i will get this too.....more and more bois de rose pics please!! haha^^
  3. gorgeous bag nanaz, the color is so feminine and gentle.
    i would love to see you with this beauty. congrats hon.
  4. Pinkyqueen and Nanaz - please do some mod pics! Would love to see BDR SGH in action :woohoo:
  5. could you post some pic in action in the action thread..wanna see how it looks on people. thx~!
  6. ^^Snap, twinsa! Great minds think alike n all that... :graucho:
  7. so pretty! congrats!
  8. aaarrrhhh now that is so pretty! My oh my! :tender:
    I am so loving the Bois de Rose with GSH, just gorgeous.....

    I cant wait to see it IRL.
    congrats Nanaz :smile:
  9. It's gorgeous. Ur pics just confirmed my decision to get exactly the same combi as urs.
  10. Also Pinky and Nanaz - will you treat these bags with any products to prevent colour transfer? TIA!
  11. everything about this bag -- leather, color, hardware... screams PRETTY!!!! congrats!!! i could stare at her all day :tender:
  12. Hi every one. I just got to work and my bag is here.:yahoo: I brought my camera with me, so i took some new pictures.:graucho: I have to sneak out to the bathroom to take some modeling shots haha. Things we do for Bbags.:p This color is very hard to photograph but i took some with flash and without flash. It is not as pink as it looks in pics taken with flash. Enjoy.
    I am having difficulty downloading the pics at work. Just wait few more minutes till i figure it out.:pout::tdown:
  13. ok! cant wait to see real actions!!!!
  14. I just e-mailed a friend. Hopefully she will post them for me.
  15. WOW- it's stunning!:tender: Congrats, darling! :yahoo: