Ohhhhhhh Bois De Rose - pics

  1. Thanks vlore. Congrats on having a baby. :woohoo::drinkup:
  2. Thanks. Your avatar is so cute. :p
  3. Thanks girlie. Are you getting any thing from the new collection?
  4. Your new pics looks great *L* - I like this combo more and more! You look great with it!
    So did you decide weather it is a keeper or not?
  5. Awww thanks "A". I am still playing with it. May be it is the PT? should i go for the City?
  6. hehe, well I'm biased since the City is my fav style:graucho: But must add that ever since I got my Amethyst SGH PT I really love this style too. I honestly think the PT looks very good on you so I do not think you need to exchange into a City.
  7. I know you are the City queen. :biggrin:I am going to keep on playing and trying with it and see what happens. I will keep you posted. Thanks for all your help. :hugs:
  8. No prob! Good luck on deciding, but my vote goes to keeping it:graucho:
  9. Nanaz, the BDR is TDF!!! I just ordered the Blue Roi and may have to dip into the funds for this one too! It's so gorgeous. Love the lilac / gray combo!!! Congrats
  10. What did you get in the Blue Roi? I am such a bad enabler, but really this combo is beyond gorgeous if you can get the right one.
  11. Gorgeous color!! :smile:
  12. OMG, Nanaz, your bois de rose is so beautiful. Many Congrats~

  13. I had to come back to this thread to view the pics again. Oh my I must have a Bois De Rose Part Time!! This is one of the best color/leathers. Desperately trying to put together funds lol.
  14. What a beautiful combo!
  15. I have the BDR in PT. After a while, the handle got so dirty and when I tried to clean it with a leather cleaner, the color sorta came off with it. Is there anyway we can have the handle restored?