Ohhhhh!! I hate my BOSS!!!

  1. I just don’t know where to let this out because this happened just a few seconds ago..

    I am used to putting my everyday handbag on my office table which doesn’t bothers me much because I am used to look at it and admire it from time to time. Also, my other co-workers are doing the same thing. This morning, my b*tchy boss who has no taste (because in fact, she has no style and does carry one handbag only for her everyday use) told me “Do you have any space inside your cabinet to put your handbag?!” I should have said “no” because the truth is, I really don’t have any space inside my cabinet to put my handbag because it’s already full of handbags but I just put it on the floor. And then, she said “Thank You.” I really hate her. My White Chanel Tote got dirty because of her complains to put down my handbag instead of putting it on top of the table! Maybe she’s just jealous because I am used to wearing different Chanel Handbags everyday! Jealous b*tch!
  2. Maybe she thought someone might just walk off with it?!! In today's world, that can easily happen...........
  3. But I've been doing this for almost 3 years already and even my mobile phone is on my desk and I always leave my ipod on my desk but nothing gets lost.. I still don't get what kind of attitude she has!
  4. Oh my!! I was the owner and manager of a few hotels a few years ago and made sure WE ALL had bag space....I think all employees should have enough space to take care of anything they bring to work. One of many reasons our turn over was SMALL....I was the boss from heaven.
  5. I never leave my bag out. 14 laptops walked off the last few weeks. I am not an idiot. Bag goes under lock and key.
  6. Perhaps she was concerned about germs on the table? (Is it a shared table?) In any case she should have handled it more respectfully. Perhaps you could ask her for a cabinet?
  7. Maybe she's jealous because it's Chanel bag. Try no name bag then see what happens :yes:.
  8. ^^^Me too!

    d'ya think that maybe your boss might be concerned with the company's liability in the event of a theft? I've worked in secure (at least we thought) offices where there are badge-controlled entrances and people's valuables (laptops, phones, purses) were stolen right from their desks and even desk drawers.
  9. This bears repeating. I think you should give your boss the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she was concerned about the security of your belongings.

    I'm pretty careless about leaving my purse out in the open in my cube sometimes, but I really should be more careful with it. I will be keeping it in my drawer from now on.
  10. I highly doubt she said it to look after your best interest. If that was the case then, why did she wait 3 years to tell you? You mentioned you leave your cell, ipod, etc on the desk. What a hag.
  11. P.S. You look a little like Rashida Jones, who I think is very pretty!
  12. were you able to clean your bag up though? and can you get a permanent spot in the cabinet now?
  13. I doubt the boss was being nice by telling Iqadanda to put the bag away so it won't get stolen b/c she didn't have space in her cabinet and had to put it on the floor. Is the floor safer? If the boss was really looking out for her best interest, she would've said "don't put it on the floor. I'll get you more cabinet space." I think she was just being BOSSY.
  14. Think it's time to clear out your cabinet so you've got room in it for the bag you are using that day! horrible to have to put a nice bag on the floor. How about a handbag hook hanging from your desk- that would be fairly discrete.
  15. She's jealous!