Ohhhhh have just seen the pebble leather!!

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  1. After changing my order from Pebble Mabel to the Lavender Bays, I went past Boros today and saw the Pebble antique leather.
    I saw a bag and thought what a beautiful colour it was. When they got it out the cabinet it said it was the antique pebble Small Mabel shoulder bag, small and cute (just big enough for keys, purse, diary etc) and without a coat it sat really well on my shoulder..
    well it was half price, ( I had sold my white Poppy satchel yesterday for the price of this new bag, as it was too heavy) well..it was rude to refuse.
    I will take some pictures next week when the Bays turns up.
    I was so surprised that the colour was so warm, I can see why you girls love your Mabels!!
    Saying that I am really happy that I got something a little different from my normal Mabels, ideal for shopping or going on holiday.
  2. sorry meant to say, Boros have 10% off all their non sale items...
    A4 Roxanne tote was just a tad too heavy for me but is a lovely bag.
  3. You are always so lucky to find such beautiful bags!! Congrats, waiting for the pics!
  4. ^^ lol.. so in the end you had BOTH of your choices! Great!! One stone killed two birds (or whatever..:rolleyes:) Looking forward to seeing Lavender Bay AND Pebble Mabel!! It must have been fate that you had cancelled the pebble, really...:yes:
  5. Oh how Fab, so fantastic bags. Can't wait to see photos.
  6. So is Lavender Bays still coming? this Pebble Mabel is in addition?

    Wow - can't wait to see photos of that with the 1 shoulder strap.
  7. Yes Lavender Bays is coming as I had vouchers for that one...
  8. Congrats, rachie. I love the little Mabel shoulder bag - looking forward to pics.

    So you ordered lavender Bays? Haven't you got one already? Or is that lilac?
  9. Oh Rachie, what a fab find. I'm jealous in the nicest possible way of course! Congratulations. Can't wait to see pics of your two new beauties when they arrive.
  10. So glad you got the little pebble Mabel! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. hehe, I had a feeling you might get a little something in pebble, it's one of those colours that when you see it IRL it is hard to resist!

    Congrats Rachie, look forward to the photos.
  12. I know, I keep thinking about a bigger one now.....
    but that will have to wait a while.
    5 bags and 1 pair of shoes in 6 weeks is a bit of a record for me!
    BUT a reg pebble Mabel........
    btw has anyone seen the pebble Mabel totes they have at Shepton?
  13. ^^Yes. They're big but v lovely.