Ohhhh Vlad.....help please ;)

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  1. I took your suggestion and downloaded the Firefox. :biggrin: So far it seems to be quicker than IE. I do have a question though...and it's something that I had difficulties with on both.

    I have SBCglobal.net for my DSL, and then on top of that I have AOL (Bring your own access) because I like the forums there, and I am used to the way it's set up.

    I usually do all my computer stuff when I am on AOL. I like that I can drag and move over a site window, or several windows. For some reason I can't do that when I am on SBC through either Firefox or IE. I want to be able to drag a web page, and then see my homepage underneath it (or another web page)....but all I can do right now is arrow back, which is frustrating. Sometimes entire page information is wiped out (for example a posting here that I am in the middle of, but want to check something else out).

    And I have one more quick question...on the side of my postings here, there is a little red circle. It seems I am the only one with a red circle, and I am beginning to feel self conscious. LOL

    I hope this makes sense! And thanks. :smile:
  2. Ah I know what you're saying... it's easy. Press CTRL+T, that'll get you another tab, that way you can have multiple sites opened at once in the same window. Does that help?

    The circle shows your online status. Grey means offline, green means online and red means invisible.
  3. You can't see other's invisiblity status obviously, just you see your own. Hence you're the only one with the red button and there is no reason to feel bad about it... :idea:
  4. Thank you :smile: So others just see me as offline, even when I am online?

    That has been bugging me for over a year now...and one of the reasons that I didn't can AOL, since their forums have gone web based anyway.
    OMG, what a relief! :lol: