ohhhh...just about made a huge mistake...WARNING

  1. this thread probably will get moved to a different section..but I wasn't sure where to put it..:shrugs:

    I just about did a BIN on the following auction...*Looks pretty darn Authentic to me**

    eBay: 100% AUTH. LOUIS VUITTON GRAFFITI SPEEDY BAG - RARE!! (item 110047966311 end time Oct-27-06 19:31:22 PDT)

    then something said...check out the sellers other auctions first. She clearly has a fake ellipse listed for sale as AUTHENTIC...:wtf:

    eBay: 100% AUTH. LOUIS VUITTON ELLIPSE HANDBAG BIN ONLY $250 (item 110048005286 end time Oct-25-06 22:02:02 PDT)

    just wanted to warn...maybe some one would see the first auction..and buy it without know this information**the speedy may very well be authentic..but I do not trust anyone who sells any counterfeit bags** :yucky: :hysteric:

    sorry if this is in the wrong area...:shame:
  2. I told you guys yesterday that this auction was a scam
  3. must of missed that thread....I'm just glad I didn't FALL for it...:yes:
  4. Graffiti Speedy, Anyone? AMAZING DEAL

  5. geez..sorry..I thought I was doing a good thing...guess I'll keep my mush shut...:nuts: :yes: :wtf:
  6. no worries! It's impossible to read and remember every thread here!
  7. So true Swanky!!
  8. Ditto that - no worries!!! :smile: Absolutely love TPF...however it's the unnecessary snarky-rude-'superior' attitudes of some repeat folks that never cease to amaze me. Must give em' props though in not failing to disappoint...one in particular seems to never let slide an opportunity to try and zing another member
  9. You sure did, right out of the gate!

  10. Yes you did.... :rolleyes:
  11. I remember seeing this....I passed because of the condition...and also her being new,...