ohhhh im so mad at gucci.com

  1. JUST GOT THIS EMAIL! :tdown::cursing: (this was for a small abbey that was on sale) Im soooo sick of this

    "Thank you again for shopping with us at Gucci.

    Unfortunately, the small top handle bag you selected is unavailable for purchase online. Therefore, we are unable to process your order for this merchandise. At this time we are not informed if it will be included in future collections.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused and would like to assist you in locating alternative styles for your online purchase. Please feel free to browse through the additional styles offered on our site and we will be happy to reserve another selection for your online purchase"
  2. Damn that sucks.
  3. Can they not locate it at a store and have it shipped to you?
  4. I emailed them back about that- this is so frustrating-i really think they didnt mean to put it on sale so they said it's unavailable! UGH
  5. It happens. They think they have the stock but turn out not to. It's a risk/price you have to pay in order to snag a bargain sometimes in my opinion. :graucho:
  6. Mine was cancelled too :sad:
  7. so sorry to hear that....I think Kavnadoo is right...sometimes it's the price you have to pay in order to get a bargain. Next time try to grab something as soon as the PRE SALE date starts. You'll have a better chance of getting your items shipped to you.
  8. I hear ya they canceled my duchessa flats!:tdown:
    Next time around (in June) I'll try to nab something from the store.
  9. I cancelled my own order after waiting 2 week to even get a conformation that they had and would be shipping my order. From now on I’ll do my shopping in the stores. It’s way to frustrating for me. I’m done with Gucci.com
  10. Sorry guys! Just wait, spring is right around the corner!!!
  11. I hear ya. They cancelled 3...count them THREE of my online sale orders..and they refuse to try to locate it at a store for you.
  12. ^^^ oohhhh dddeeaaarrrrrr..... I think you pretty much have to be online at the exact moment the sale pops up!! How disappointing....
  13. My order was cancelled more than a week after the last sale too. I complained in an email about poor customer service (especially around Christmas time) and received an email back saying sale stock is not guaranteed. I sent another email saying Gucci should have a better system for keeping track of items not available. They then gave me free overnight shipping on my next order and sent me a free brown candle in a glass Gucci holder. The candles were on the Gucci website for $100 at the time. I was happy after that. :tup:
  14. Sad to hear that but last year, when i ordered from them, i also thought my order won't be shipped since I waited for 2 weeks. I almost cancel my order but opted to wait because I know during their sale a lot are buying online and my waiting paid off. They emailed me after 2 weeks and apologized for the late reply since they said they are bombarded with email. As a reward for waiting, they did not charge me of any shipping fee. :tup:
  15. Wow...this is really sad news...sorry.