Ohhh my goodness.... my bank acct is going to be in troubleeee

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  1. I'm looking at the new catalouge and they have the peeptoe wedgies that match my new bag!!!!!!!!!!!
    heres the drilldown picture, but it only shows the blue..... does anyone know how to look for the different colors????

    But I am so getting the pink ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those are so darn cute!!!!!
  3. Those are so pretty!

    Too bad I'd probably tip over on them...
  4. lol..same here!!
  5. Those are so freaking cute! They will look wonderful with your new bag!!!
  6. Those are hot!
  7. Oh my goodness those are really adorable. At only 5' ,I am the queen of wedges!! Even my sneakers have heels!!! I think Mother's Day this year will involve Coach shoes of some sort.
  8. its all about matching the shoes w/the bag!! lol
  9. candac, those would look so great with the scribble bag u got! I want the blue ones those are so dang cute!
  10. Those are gorgeous!! I'll probably trip in those though!! lol
  11. Those are HOT looking shoes !:rolleyes: I wish I could wear them.:sad:
  12. oh if only I were a girly girl. Seriously though, very cute shoes!
  13. Almost all my shoes are flats, because wearing heels always ends in me with me face down on the pavement! lol I envy those who can wear heels, especially looking at these incredibly cute wedges :love: Very nice! I'm sure they would look really good on you!
  14. Those are Darling!!!!!! :tup: I wish I could wear them.. but at 5'10" I think I might look like Amazon woman!!!! :wtf:
  15. Sooo cute! donnalyn11 I'm 5 feet too! Well, actually 5'2'' to be more accurate. But I love heels and wedges! Those are so cute, if they have pink, you have to get them to match your new hobo! :nuts: