ohhh my fedex man just came and gave me a PRESENT!!

  1. I'm so excited!!


    Let me take pics, resize them, etc.


  2. so exciting!!
  3. oh oh, let's play 20 ??'s

    hehe, sorry, I'm a little giddy!!
  4. Shoes?!
  5. Bandeau?
  6. speedy
  7. here's a hint:

  8. Show us!!!!!!:woohoo:
  9. agenda
  10. i think the suspense here is worse than one of the teases! ;)
  11. ok some of you should REALLY get it w/this hint:


    lvbox.jpg lvpeekaboo.jpg
  12. Any more GUESSES?? hehehehehe
  13. a necklace of some sort
  14. vegas chain
  15. Oh gosh I have no idea, I'm so bad at this!