ohhh I'm so sad...

  1. Oh, girls... I'm so sad...
    I feel so good here, I feel you are friends of mine...
    Often we have the same thoughts...
    Even if I work hard, I use dictionary, often...
    I don't understand the threads... :crybaby:
    It's very difficult...
    Sometimes, I read the title, it's so interesting.... so I open the message... and I really don't understand not a single world, but the meaning!!!!
    I feel bad...
    A big kiss! From an italian donkey!
    Ther's someone from Italy?
  2. Oh we are with you! don't think about how you write, we will understand you don't worry!
  3. Chat away! We will figure it out! :yes:
  4. awww, don't give up! I was a foreign exchange student and went to cardiff, wales, and I met a wonderful Japanese girl who barely knew a word of English! By the time the 10 months were over and we had to go home, she knew so mcuh! You'll get there! :smile:
  5. stephanie, i'm taking italian here.. if you ever need help i'll do my best to translate for you! it'll give me some extra practice too! :nuts:
  6. if u don't understand the threads, just reply saying that you don't understand! tPF'ers will surely be glad to help! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  7. Oh, don't be sad! You can ask us if there's anything that you don't understand. We'll be glad to explain it in a simpler way (not that my English is very good myself... lol :P) I'm sure you will improve a lot by spending more time here. ;)
  8. Please stay! Ask lots of questions, no one will mind. It will get easier with time.:flowers:
  9. even if its hard to understand. you can always look at the pictures! =)
  10. Everlong- Love that TP!! lol
  11. Just practise :smile: My english isn't perfect either, but I hope that people can understand what I'm trying to say anyway. Understanding english gets easier and faster as you get used to it :smile:
  12. that's ok, handbags are the universal language of the fashion world...lol
  13. You got that right twinkle.tink!

    Stephanie.. though it may be hard to understand the words.. do stay enjoy the pictures! :biggrin:
  14. Aww! Do stay, please. Everybody is all very nice; ask when you need help!
  15. Oh, please do join in and don't feel bad in any way. My English's no good either but I can see it improving the more I use it and this is a great place for that. When you practise English in a familiar and interesting (to u) context, it makes learning so much easier.