Ohhh, I wish the she would sell the Cerise jewelry box by itself.

  1. do you know which materials and gemstones it is in?
  2. I love it.
  3. Wow, it is so beautiful ...... BUT that price. :shocked:
  4. I know!
  5. it's absolutely amazing, but almost 10.000$ .... :wtf:

    That must be some of the woulds most expensice cherises ....
  6. Dang, price of a small car or cerise necklace.....
  7. 10 grand??? umm yeah it's cute and all but not THAT cute
  8. Cute..! But the price is scary... :p
  9. 10,000 is this true? OMG.
  10. Omg that box is sooo cute :drool: But the price...:wtf:
  11. Oh god that box is TDF. :drool:
  12. Love the box!!
  13. Loves it!