Ohhh I so feel like I'm ready to graduate...

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  1. ...and I'm only in first year University :weird:
    I'm taking Engineering at the best Engineering school in Canada...and I can see why it's the best because it's so challenging and they really try to suck the life outta ya so they only have the best students coming out of there. I've seen SO many people drop out of the program because it's stressful. Of course most who drop out go to business...eh...

    This whole week has been reading week for me (I'm not sure if you guys in the US that, but it's probably like Spring Break for you because we get not Spring Break and this Reading Week is it) and although I've gotten quite a couple of things done I just do not feel like studying!! :hysteric: It's so hard when I've been working my butt off all semester last year, not having enough time to recover over Winter Break, and starting another semester with even more difficult courses...and with TPF and everything, lol, I just don't get anything done!

    Last night I worked for 4 hours straight, 5 hours combined on a lab report due next Wed, it was a big accomplishment for me and I feel really good about getting it done already but midterms are coming up and there just isn't enough time ( and willpower for me) to study! :hysteric: Arghhh University is so stressful, and I feel like I'm ready to be done school...although I know when I actually go out to work in the working world, I will miss school.

    Any students feel the same way as me?
  2. Hang in there Karman! I am not a student (anymore) but had quite a few break downs during college. But yes, I've been working for about 10 years now and do miss college. Just try to keep focussed on the plusses of a college degree and from time to time take some time or yourself. Eventually time will fly by.

    Good luck!
  3. I had many break downs within the last 4 years. Hopefully it'll end soon, actually next spring. I gave up on a few majors because I thought they were too stressful. Engineering is a great profession though, just stick through it you'll end up having a great job.
  4. I feel ya. I'm about to graduate in June, and last night my senior thesis prof told me she wants my paper to be 40 pages long. I was aiming for 15. Heartattack, anyone?
  5. Yeah, im in my senior year of college and I have senioritis like WHOOOOOOOAAAA!

    I dont even care that I have more school coming up after (grad school), I just need a little break
  6. I have one and a half years more and I'm so ready! :sos:
  7. LOL... I started out in Business, because I hate doing homework. :smile:

    Anyhow... its easy to get overwhelmed in college, especially at this point in the year, when you have a semester behind you and half a semester to go... The best advice I can give is remember you will be better for it at the end and to take time for yourself... The occasionally mani/pedi, movie night, or whatever something special you can think of...

    I always kept myself busy with extracurricular activities, Marketing Associations, Business Fraternities, Dance Team, etc... so you might look into things like this, that are school related - that are good for your resume, but can be an outlet too.

    Also... last word of advice, my boyfriend in college (now my DH) survived 4 years of engineering school... There definately times where he was frustrated and didn't feel like he could finish. (He also had a hard time adjusting to the culture cuz he was in the AF for 4 years prior to college.) He made it through though... I really think him picking up a few extra hobbies his junior/senior years helped... Good luck!!! Trust me, its all worth it in the end. Engineer's salaries nearly double every year for the first couple of years, while business salaries slowly grow until they just plateau... keep that in mind. ;)
  8. A woman with an engineering degree! You wil have it made in the shade!
  9. My hubby is a chemical engineer. His class started out with 100 people and ended up with 13 at graduation. It's tough, but stick with it! Engineers right out of college make very good money. My hubby is a PE, he's very successful, and he really enjoys his career. He also interviews those new grads, and they don't get too many women who apply.

    He's told me stories about those lab reports. . .
  10. Karman, I bow down to you if you can handle an engineering curriculum! I understand the mixed feelings--at each stage of life we sometimes feel ready for the next stage before we've completed the current stage of life. Will you have any real break coming when you can unwind? Best wishes to you!:flowers:
  11. Oh boy! Good luck girl!
  12. you can do it!!! :yahoo: :wlae:
  13. oh my engineering! i was going to be an engineering major but then i decided to do finance =) dont worry time will pass quickly! just work hard and be optimistic. spring break you should DEFINITELY take a vacation.
  14. Thanks for all the support guys...and for listening to my rant! :flowers:

    Oh yes...those lab reports!
    Actually mine are not that bad (yet) but we'll have to see for the ones next year! :shocked:
  15. I have another year but i am soo tired of school already! I totally agree Karman, its so stressful because school becomes your life.