Ohhh I am in love...!

  1. Today I grabbed my 1 year old (poor thing mommy's bag obsession made him visit a lot of shops lately:shame: ) and jumped into the car to drive to a store 1/2 hour away, to check out the paddies.

    I know I am late to the show but when I saw the mousse (med satchel) I was in :nuts: :heart: ! I didn't remember that it was so beautiful.
    This bag is just stunning the silver/mousse combi very casual chic whowwww.

    I saw the choc as well which is as beautiful but more on the classic side.

    Now I was wondering because I saw that quite a few of you fell in love with mousse and have sold it since, is it not versatile enough too casual ???
    Is it a jean t-shirt only bag ?

    Tell me
  2. Oh sorry I forgot my manners in all the excitement:

    Tell me please!
  3. I have both chocolate and gris vert (the same colour as mousse but only with different coloured edges I believe) and find them both to be very versatile colours.
    I think the mousse can go with almost everything. It looks great with almost every colour of clothing because of it's gray-green tones.
    I use mine with jeans and a top, wrapdresses, cropped jackets etc.
    The mousse is absolutely beautiful! It's such an unique colour :love:
  4. Lucky you!
    I keep wondering I would love to get both but that that does seem pretty unrealistic...("read my signature"):p

    I am shure that some of you were faced with that kind of dilemma, please share!
  5. I had and relinquished a mousse bag-- mostly because once I found my beloved blanc I realized that the two bags went with exactly the same outfits.
  6. I have mousse and chocolate, and I have to say that my Mousse Paddy has been one of the most versatile bags I have ever owned! It is just one of those colors that goes with everything (well close to it)! It has truly been an excellent investment and addition to my wardrobe! I just love mousse!!!!!!!!! And as for chocolate, it is just yummy! Who cares what it goes with! It is just one of those colors that melts your heart!
  7. Well said Jag!!

  8. Oh dear and I did ask this question to get "discouraged" now I want both...!:drool:
  9. Well said, from me too, Jag!

    I have both. :love::graucho::yahoo: They're my fave bags overall right now!!

    I'm keeping Mousse for the Spring. I think it's probably a colour for every season but winter. It can be carried in the winter, but I don't get many days out when I don't just have to have my school bag (until the Spring!) so I want to use my very wintry bags, anyway. I love it though!

    It really is a neutral, yet subtly stunning colour. I think it will go with everything, but more importantly to your question ... I think it's one of the dressier Chloes. The silver hardware is so classy and subtle (I like silver for dressy better than gold!), and blends SOO well with the colour!! I feel like I could wear it to dressier places than my chocolate or ANY other of my Chloes.

    The chocolate is a staple brown, but it's also rich and YUMMY!!! I think it's pretty casual, too.

    They're pretty different!

    By the way, I wouldn't sell mine! I have so many bags that I have tons of colours/bags for each outfit, but each colour/style combo has a different personality or mood ... like a blanc is sophisticated and luxe and the Mousse could be "classy cool" or "laid back chic"! Then the chocolate is ... "rich yet down to earth". :yes:

    Oh by the way, about the Mousse in the Spring relating to chocolate. Some say that Chocolate is not a S/S bag, but I think it's for the whole year round!!! Just a classic.

    Good luck deciding!
  10. Here is a photo of them both that I took for another member. A LOT of people are drooling :drool: and deciding over these. I say they should all just quit fighting and realize they'll end up with both anyway!!! ;)
  11. ITA LOL
  12. I just love mousse! There are some other lovely bags in chocolate (patent betty, tracy etc) but the mousse paddy is one of a kind!