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  1. you cant offer items to people that might wanna buy them??? sorry i didnt know. I wanted to get rid of some of them and i thought this would be a great places. *pout face* okay. thanks. :heart:
  2. welcome to TPF :flowers:
  3. you can't offer it through PM. you have to sell them through the marketplace, which you have to follow the instructions to do so.
  4. No sorry...:smile: Sales and trades on the PF are only allowed to the MP members...;) If you keep staying with us ,you'll be able to apply for the MP in the future!!:P
  5. no selling / buying or offering..please familiar yourself with the rules..welcome to PF
  6. wait...what are all these links?? sorry ive never belonged to a forum before. the only reason i kinda half a$$ know my way around is cuz my bf does car forums
  7. whats MP??
  8. All your questions can be answered by the FAQ section of the forum.

    You may also wish to review the site rules again. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.