ohh ladies it's soo cute TUTTI!!

  1. i damn near screamed when i opened it
    its so cute!!!
    i :heart: the new qee!!!
    i need like 5 more in this print im sure!!!!:yahoo:
    i email simone just telling him i love everything he has done
    i hope he continues & how obsessed we toki heads are & he emailed me back! or maybe hid gf i dunno but the reply was very nice
    tokidoki 033.jpg tokidoki 034.jpg tutti.jpg tokidoki 032.jpg
  2. The new qee is SUPER-cute!!

    I just bought my pack of colored Sharpies tonight at Pearl Paint - I'm ready to get a Tutti bag to color in myself now. :greengrin:
  3. i would love to try something like that but im scared!!
    please let us all know how that works out cuz im sure that will be super cute
    metallic or irredesent would be so cute
  4. tokidokigurl i LOVE ur ciao ciao! it looks beautiful! isn't the new qee adorable? i hope it'll be for the last 2 prints as well instead of the flower face guy.

    lambfashionista good luck! post pics when it's complete! it'll prolly look great! :yes:
  5. I will definitely post pics of how my coloring job turns out. I'm going to wait to buy a bag until I can find one on sale though - just in case. :p
  6. right now there is a tutti zucca $30 under retail on evil bay im eyeing it but i think its a lil much still

    ~ency~ yes it is soooo cute but it is really light im afraid to leave it on my bag or put it with my keys cuz it will break
  7. So beauteefullll..... I adore the Tutti Ciao Ciao and this will surely be one bag that I must have! And re: the new Qee, is Adios wearing a cape or issit his robe? Heheh ... I think they should've paired L'Amore with a Ciao Ciao Qee ... that'll be super PERFECT!
  8. I agree - that, and it's not my ideal print placement. The store selling it e-mailed me personally and they seem very nice though.
  9. Congrats on your new ciao ciao, it looks so cute! I love how the ciao ciao wraps around when you wear it. Great find!
  10. that would have been awsome! i love those characters
  11. oh & its his cape
  12. This is a great idea, you have to show us all when you are done- or maybe a work in progress? I know you will put your signature style on it.:smile:
  13. Tokidokigurl: :huh:OO awesome ciao ciao -congrats on your new tutti!!

    Lambfashionista: ohhh please post pix. I'm sure it'll look cute! you saw how simone colored (or highlighted) just a couple of characters on my bambino.. he was just whippin that sharpie away!! LOL..
  14. I'm doing the same thing ^^; hopefully it goes well. I want a colored in denaro.
  15. ooh congrats on the tutti ciao ciao tokidokigurl!!! :tup:

    Ahh I want one of those Adios qees .. please come with the last 2 prints!!!