Ohh it's hereeeee!!

  1. I stayed home allll morning waiting for this baby! As soon as it came I ripped open the box, checked it over real quick, threw my stuff inside, changed outfits to match the color, and went out! I loveee it. It's so gorgeous. It almost looks like a pretty brown in some lighting and a bright orange in others! I've already conditioned it with AG. I'll have to try a second application later tonight to see if I can get the handles to clean up a bit, but it's already helped it a lot. Enjoy the picturesss!! :love:
    Img_5836.jpg Img_5838.jpg Img_5840.jpg Img_5842.jpg Img_5843.jpg Img_5844.jpg Img_5851.jpg
  2. it's CUTE!!!!! Not as bright as I thought orange would be (so very wearable)! The leather looks yummmmmy! Congrats!!!!! :yahoo:
  3. Congratulations jdy324! The leather is beautiful! Great choice.

    *sigh* Wishing the new leather was like the older leather. *sigh*
  4. Wow!! It is gorgeous! I have not seen many b-bags in orange, enjoy her!!
  5. LOVE it! Congrats!!!!
  6. Congrats!! Beautiful color too (I am also in love with your LV Kooba). Great collection.
  7. Wow, gorgeous! It's in a LOT better condition than I thought -- if the seller was to use your photos, they would have gotten so much more! You scored a deal of a lifetime ;) congrats!
  8. Congrats.
  9. beautiful color, it looks like an easy to wear orange
  10. Beautiful, congrats!
  11. YAY! I love the orange! Congrats!!!
  12. What a wonderful collection!!!! Congrat!!
  13. love the orange color!!
  14. Holy Crap that's a stunner! jennifer let me know how you tackle the handles...are you just wiping them down with AG?

    Congrats and enjoy! It is a BEAUTY!!
  15. It's gorgeous!!!! The leather looks amazing!!! Enjoy! :smile: