ohh fabulous clouds.....

  1. Seeing the recent photos of Maria Menudos (sp?) with her stratus pm has made me fall in LOVE with this bag. I'm getting married in 2 weeks and our compromise was that I would ask before buying an LV--let me clarfity a little here becuase I make good money and don't need approval to spend it, however I have admitted to being an impluse shopolic and then I end up with bags I never use so my S-T-B knows my taste well and can/has predict (ed) what bags are me and what bags I buy just to blow money!-- okay back to topic....So I asked-his reply sooooooo not you "it looks like one of those bags that you get at the bookstore with the white rope drawstring" why don't you buy the new color of your favorite bag (referring to the veronne le fab). Me: it's like $1400 more Him: "so at least you won't be asking me in 2 weeks what you were thinking buying the bookstore bag" Hmmmmm.......maybe he has a point............

    as Mike Myers you to say on SNL coffeee talk "discuss"
  2. I think you should get it!!! It's a hot bag and is close to being sold out.

    Edited to add: Congrats on getting married soon! I hope you have the time of your life!
  3. Get it!!!!!

    yay on the wedding! how fun!!
  4. I say go for it!! I absolutely LOVE that bag, so gorgeous!
  5. It's a beautiful bag and the leather is so soft! Get it for your wedding!
  6. Ok first off let me say, I HATE YOU! In a good way that is! I am soooooooooooooooo jealous of your le fab collection!!!! :wtf:

    I love that bag too! I would get it if my hubby wouldn't kill me! If you hate it later on, then sell it!
  7. Oh def get it, it is so soft and gorgeous. i saw a girl with one and I could not stop looking at her. It is a hot bag.
  8. congrats on the wedding!!! more sex!!!1 yay!!!

    in reference to the bag...im sure ur soon-to-be DH knows u well by now..take his advice!
  9. Congrats on your soon to be wedding! I would say go for the Verone Le Fab, it's more classic and it's very YOU!
  10. What about a compramise and get an Olympe in Pearle later this year then you get a grey cloud but no rain

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding
  11. Get it! I think it won't be impulsive like you think. It's a fabulous bag and once it's gone, it's gone... Don't regret it!
  12. go with your gut.....buy what you love.....
  13. LVoe the bag!!!! I think it will be an excellent choice.
  14. get it! you will love it!
  15. Congrats on the wedding...get the bag!!!