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  1. Cute bag! Will be even better when it patinas... are you going to get it?!
  2. I posted this by accident...the whole thread just posted....clumsy fingers....Grrrrr...:sad:
  3. ... what was it?? "item is out of stock"
  4. Pic
  5. THANKS LVobsessed...how did you find it?
  6. LOL!

    I was going to ask "Oh. . . .what??? but Is aw your follow-up! What was the item? Was it a Good OH or a Bad Oh?
  7. I save pic's of new bags on elux :smile:

  8. It's a good oh!!! It posted to quick before I could finish....there is another thread that posted just a minute later with my finished thought....
  9. that's a really cute bag.
  10. i like it.
  11. Cute!
  12. I love the hudson! Though I don't know how the buckles work irl on that bag, let me tell you, if you have to unbuckle/buckle the thing each time you open it, you'll get annoyed and either 1>leave it unbuckled or 2>return it. bummer =(

    cute though!
  13. That's a cute shoulder bag, but I prefer zipper closure. :smile:
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