oh yes, more dog pictures...

  1. We all love our animals I know, since I work from home, I sit at my desk and just snap pics of my boys at play.

    Logan is the black lab - he is 10
    Junior is the white show lab - he is almost 3
    Jack - is the yellow lab, he is 12 weeks old

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That's all for today - I will be updating this thread as more cute events happen!! :p
  2. So cute! Is Logan the alpha dog of the group?
  3. Ha!Ha! What a fun household you have!

  4. Yes, Logan is the alpha dog. However, Jack is challenging them both for position. :p
  5. Aww they are so cute.
  6. aaw, they're adorable! :love:
  7. awww so cute!!
  8. They look lively, so much fun, your new lab's adorable and so are the others, you're lucky:smile:
  9. YAY--I love dog pictures! Your pups are adorable!

    It looks like there is a lot of fun to be had at your house--what lucky pups! I could watch "puppy play" all day!
  10. I bet it's awesome to have more than one dog!!! I would love to add one more so my Aiden can have someone to play with. :sad:
  11. I love watching dogs play. They are so funny. You have the cutest dogs. I have 2 chi's and it is so funny seeing them run around. I can't imagine 3 labs racing around, you would have to watch out or they could knock you down LOL.
  12. They are so cute!!!
  13. I love Labs, they are by far my favorite!!! I have a black lab myself, his name is Diesel, and he is my baby!
  14. It's clear to see who the boss is
    I love the "Devil Dog" picture!
  15. Love the action pics! They seem like they're great pals!