Oh yeah I forgot! Bloomingdales F+F Sale too!

  1. Since Bloomingdales is part of Federated (company that owns macys) they have sales at the same time (from the same region) so they will have a Friends and Family sale as well! I wil give the code for both once i have it!!
  2. Thanks!!
  3. wow, that's great. you are one girl in the know katrynar
  4. Thanks katrynar .. you are awesome !!
  5. Awesome! Thanks!!!
  6. Thanks so much katrynar!! You rock! :rochard:
  7. lol you're welcome!! when i get my coupons i ll post the codes and/or scan the coupons
  8. oh, girl you know so much!lol! So does the sale start on May 2nd?
  9. yes it does!!! i know so much cuz i worked for them for 3 yrs!! i think they are also waiting til AFTER the friends and family sale to reduce the items at an even lower price.. that s how it was in the past but they ve been switching it up so we ll see!

    before 10 days since the time you purchased your item, you have the option of getting an adjustment.. just bring the receipt!
    if u shop at the friends and family sale, and the item goes on sale for less than the price you paid, they will give u the difference! that is a federated guarantee.. and this is even if you have used the item