Oh, YEAH! Barack Obama's running for president!

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  1. Obama declares he's running for president - CNN.com

    Story Highlights
    • Sen. Obama addressed thousands in town square of Springfield, Illinois
    • Listed poor schools, economic hardships, oil dependence and Iraq as priorities
    • "Failure of leadership" to blame for not meeting nation's challenges, Obama says
    • Before politics, practiced civil rights law, taught at U. of Chicago Law School
  2. He's also big on stem cell....I swear, I couldn't love him more unless he was pro same-sex marriage :shame:

    but at least he's against a federal ammendment banning it.
  3. No political talk is allowed here, I believe.

    In any case, he doesn't have enough experience and talks a lot of middle of the line jive (to drum up popularity) while being a hard-core liberal at heart (his record). No one, no matter which way you lean, should want someone like that.

    In addition, I find the media attention on him to be less than subtly patronizing and therefore insulting.
  4. I don't think politcal talk is allowed on this forum.
  5. Yea, I think political discussions aren't allowed.
  6. nope, no politics here guys, sorry!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.