Oh yeah baby... wanna see my new Choo?

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  1. May I 1st say that I will NEVER buy from this seller again!! She shipped it by throwing it in a box, not wrapped, no insurance and parcel post when I paid for Priority with insurance. It has been a loooooooong 10 days!:cursing:

    Without further ado...:love: This very huuuuuge bag is perfect for travelling. Thanks to my model.. the dear hubby after work and amused that I asked him to model it! :heart:

    This is the little cosmetics?bag that came attached inside
  2. Oh Yeah!

    That is one Awesome Beach Bag:woohoo: Varied_obsessions!
    Great find and if I remember correct it was 1 of 10 that came across the pond of that style!:yahoo:

    And that is one mighty brave DH modeling it!:tup:
    You got love a DH that will do anything for there DW!:love:
    And I have a feeling most of us DH's here will and DO!:love:

    Once again Congrats on the New CHoo'!:choochoo:

  3. Thanks Matt!!! It's going to make going through TSA a piece of cake!! lol
    I looked inside the white little zip bag and lo and behold, the original receipt in a JC pouch from the JC boutique in the Venetian!! lol Purchased 12/23/2003!!
  4. Congrats varied obsessions :wlae:

    I actually looked at that bag and contacted the seller, but after deep thought, I decided I would not have any place to use it, so held off purchasing. Glad to see it was authentic and it is much prettier than in the seller's photos:nuts:
  5. Oh cute, VO....I have seen it before, but not in a long time! Very cute beach bag/carry-on/diaper bag??? (LOL)
  6. Great beach bag!
  7. Going to be perfectly honest here folks..... I don't DO the beaches. :nogood:
    I wanted this bag because I had never seen anything like it and it's in perfect condition and I'm a collector and it will be absolutely PERFECT for travelling this summer.

    The dog and I travel home to see the kids and grandkids for a month every spring/ summer (a month with each kid)and between the pup, the carry on essentials and my pillow(yes.. just call me Linus) ANYTHING that will make my travelling easier in the airports is going to be well loved!!

    My thinking is if they can see inside, maybe, just maybe, I won't get pulled aside and stripped again. :roflmfao:
  8. V_O,

    See Now you have a perectly good reason to DO the BEACHS!:yahoo:

    As far as the airports go.....:roflmfao:
    Now their going to think......:roflmfao:
    If she's carrying a Clear Blue Bag.......:roflmfao:
    What is is trying to hide else where......:roflmfao:


    If it was me I'd just go to the Beaches!:roflmfao:

  9. great bag - enjoy!
  10. Matt:angel::angel:

    :heart:Matt you slay me!!!!:roflmfao:
  11. Thanks doll!! I wonder what does it say about me that I'm already bored with it?:confused1::wtf:
    I'm ready for the next bag already.:roflmfao:
  12. wow that bag is amazing !!! im a choo newbie so i can you please tell me what is the name of the bag?
  13. Hi, welcome and thanks! It's a beach bag from '03-'04 but I have no idea what the name is.Yet. I had planned on calling the boutique and getting the name since I now have the receipt, I will call soon. I'm a collector of the older styles.
  14. So hopeful for you!! :okay: Hope it works out. Now I'm thinking this is an older sister of the Perpex! :idea: Aha!

    Enjoy the new member of your collection!!
  15. Thanks Abi!! Do you happen to have a pic of the Perspex?