OH Yeah..a Radley Bag..

  1. My sister comes back from the UK this weekend, and she bought me a Radley bag as one of my souvenirs :yahoo:

    Can't wait for it :yes:
  2. I love Radley bags. They're so cute, especially the little Scottie dog tag.

    For anyone who's interested, they've recently opened their first stand-alone boutique in Covent Garden, London.
  3. Excellent! This is the one I picked up last year in Italy... Very nice, casual, and roomy. The leather is smooth and a little stiff, so the bag is relatively structured.
  4. I love this line of bags! So adorable. I hope they will someday be available in person in the US.
  5. How funny. Here I am wishing Gryson were available in the UK and there you are wishing you could get Radley (which is everywhere here) in the US.
    Radley have really notched it up a gear, especially by launching their own shop. I've got a messenger bag that I've had for years.
    Radley is mid range over here and they are good quality and good value for the price.
  6. I've got a couple of radley bags and they are lovely and reasonably priced.
  7. wow, that is a cute bag...I've never heard of it before...but I love it! Congrats!
  8. And this thread is a real lesson in 'wanting what is exotic' . . .! Radley was the brand everyone had when I was at University and I am afraid I have rarely thought of it as desirable and to me, that dog is just downright naff! I guess we all hanker after what we can't buy round the corner . . .Marketing men and women would have a ball with this thread I'm sure.