Oh Yea, MY BOYS WON! Go Big Orange!!

  1. My vols won today and I couldn't be happier! They finally stepped up the defense because two weeks ago we had none and weren't tackling ANYONE! We did awesome and I didn't even get to see it because I had to work but I heard all about it from the radio locker room show. I'm so excited. And right now, I'm just hoping for LSU to take this away from Florida and I'll be great. Yes< I know they'll still be #1 in the BCS but we will get control. GO VOLS! 11 days 'til I go to K'town to see it live. First game this year!!!!:woohoo:

    I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm off my rocker but I love UT football and I get very intense with it, sorry. Just had to vent. Thanks for listening