OH YEA....I'm going shopping tomorrow!!

Oct 10, 2006
Got to go to the cities again tomorrow...so I think I'm gonna hit Louie again:graucho: ....My thoughts are....:idea: 1: If there is anything in the Miroir line there (which I'm sure there won't be...but one can hope)...I'm gonna snatch it up...(yes.. I was initially one of those who thought this line wasn't for me..but the more I look at them..the more I like)...:winkiss: 2: If plan #1 doesn't pan out...then I think I'm going to go for a new Monogram Speedy 35 or 40...(if they have them in stock)...now if that doesn't pan out...I'm just gonna buy the first thing I see when I walk into the store:yes: ..(providing my account can handle it)....
Wish me luck ladies;) ...I"ll post pics of what ever I get tomorrow eve.
i'm also going to go shopping tomorrow (at the VIP event)...

and my uni result is out tomorrow morning too, so i dont think i will be able to sleep tonight..

the waiting is killing me....