Oh WTF!? Been selling on Ebay for 6 years and never seen this! Help, Help! *Long Post

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  1. Quick background: I sold a brand new with tags Gustto Big Baca. It was purchased from Shopbop.com and was in immaculate condition. The buyer asks me nearly a dozen questions and haggles me down on the price until we come to an agreed price. She pays the next week, even though I state payment must be made within 48 hours. This was a month and a half ago and I had not heard from her since. Assuming this is a completed transaction, I contact her and ask to leave positive feedback and I will do the same.

    3 days later I get this message from her in my eBay inbox:

    i've still never heard back from you about my refund for the
    damaged gustto bag, you should have received it by now and i'm
    on the verge of leaving neg. feedback and opening a despute
    with eBay. i have now been out $450.00 for four weeks now.
    this is rediculous and i feel like i have been very pollite and
    patient up till now. i sent you an original email with pictures of
    the damage, sent you back to bag directly, the next mailing day
    after receiving it -with another letter about the damage and i
    responded to your email asking me whether or not "i was
    enjoying my purchase and would leave you positive feedback",
    like you hadn't even received my compliants, even though i sent
    them to the same email address. please respond asap, with my
    refund info ($450.00 + $15.00 for my return shipping charges,
    since it's not my fault the bag arrived damaged i shouldn't have
    to pay to ship it back to you! thank you, lauren

    Outraged, I quickly composed a highly unprofessional response:

    Are you out of your mind? I never received any message from you. Further the bag was in brand new pristine condition, carefully packed in its dustbag. It is impossible for it to have been damaged in transit as you claim. It sounds as if you are having buyers remorse and/or are trying to return a damaged bag to me which is ridiculous. Further, it has been nearly a month and I have moved up to school. I have no idea where you sent the package, if anything, and further, this is the first and only correspondence I have received from you. I will be notifying eBay and paypal right now of this completely unacceptable show that you are trying to put on.

    Fuming, I immediately see another message from her:

    hi, just sent you a response (s) to your email with photos of the
    damge but haven't heard back, i'm wondering if you are not set
    up to get reply's outside of ebay, i can also send you a copy of
    the usps receipt when i get home. i sent the bag back about
    three weeks ago to your return address. tracking # is on the
    receipt, also, please let me know if you are not recieving my
    emails with attachments. thank you, lauren

    Then she sends the ^ exact same message again :shrugs:

    I send her this reply:

    There was no damage to the bag.
    My email is fine and does accept attachments
    I have received no bag from you.
    I have moved over the summer because I am going to school.
    Wherever you claim you sent the bag, it more than likely will be returned back to you.
    Standard protocol and common sense would dictate that you contact the seller within a couple of days,state your concerns, and negotiate from there. You do not send an item back for return to someone without them knowing first. As I stated before, I just started my fall semester at college; I dont live at the same address anymore.
    Bottom line: You bought this bag over a month ago, you never contacted me during that time, and all of a sudden Im receiving a message from you FOR THE FIRST TIME!?

    Im sorry, Im not going to participate in this charade with you. There are no emails from you whatsoever, none of the pics you claim of the nonexistent damage.

    As I said before, I am going to forward both of your messages to Ebay and Paypal.

    Please do not contact me again.

    Then she sends me this:

    i have already opened a dispute with paypal and will let you know if and when i received the bag back and forward it to your new address, i'm sure that when playpal sees my original emails (with the dates on them, which i did send over three weeks ago) and the photos of the damage you will be instructed to give me a refund, i'm not mad like i said the cut is small and i'm sure it was an honest mistake, i won't leave you neg. feddback, i ust want a refund.

    Heres my response

    Why dont you tell me what email you are sending to?
    Why didnt you ever message me through Ebay and waited for a month to do so?
    There was no cut on the bag. If its there, you put it there, and I will fight you tooth and nail in this dispute, including providing receipt of purchase from shopbop.com.

    I want to cry, I really do. Im a struggling college student who makes a few bucks on Ebay. Please help me figure out what to do. I apologize for the length of this post, I just wanted to make sure every detail was clear.
  2. I hope you've already removed any funds from Paypal. They can't give her a refund if the funds aren't there.
    Next, I'd call in whatever credit card they have on file for you and report it lost (so they can't charge your card - I'm not even sure if they can do that, but I'd do it to be safe), or close your Paypal account. You can open another one later. That's what I did. I opened a different (Paypal) account with a different email address and bank account.
  3. Here is my last response to her. I suppose its going a tad overboard but I think its justified:

    Also, as you claim that the bag was damaged via shipping, you ought to contact the Post Office. Lastly, I am headed down to the Police Department to file a report for fraud which I will submit in response to your fradulent paypal claim.

  4. Yeah but cant Paypal report you to a credit agency/bureau?

    Also, if there are no funds in your paypal account, wont they just take it out of your bank account?
  5. Hey...stay cool...never a good idea to rub these kinds of buyers up the wrong way! If she opens a dispute with Paypal she will have to prove when and how she sent it back to you and also provide details on emails etc. For the time being you don't have to refund her and given what you have said there is no reason why Paypal won't be on yourside. What's your ID? Would like to see your auction on a happier note :smile:
  6. I'm fairly certain they can't take money from your bank account. You could just close that account and open a new one. I guess it just depends if it's worth it for you in the end.
    I don't know if they can report you to a credit agency, but I'd be willing to take the chance if it was a lot of money. Usually, if you go to get a loan you can explain a situation like that and they'll overlook it as long as your credit is good otherwise.
  7. Seems rather drastic to me...Paypal can take money from your bank account if you have insufficient funds and won't do so until they have properly investigated the case. Why close your Paypal account and open another one when you are telling the truth and can argue your side well...
  8. Agreed, they will remove the money from your bank account, and if don't have the money in there, except to be overdraft. If the buyer has already opened a dispute, you cannot close paypal. And, yes, if they try and collect, and cannot, it will go to a credit bureau. Paypal has no mercy.
  9. How can you make her auction on a happier note?
  10. Well first of all don't freak out yet. If she can't prove that she delivered it back to you, then paypal won't refund her money. What does the DC # say? If you don't have it try to get it from her. Make sure your return address at paypal and ebay is the address where you are now.

    If she has a confirmed address and tries to do a chargeback, paypal will probably fight it if she doesn't or can't show proof that she sent the bag back.

    And like they said above, remove the money from your paypal account, and remove your checking account. I think paypal can go into your account if there is a chargeback, but not if someone wins a dispute through them.....not 100% sure, but I think that is what TOS states.
  11. As freaked out as I would be, I would reply to her calmly that you have had a chance to take in all of this and re read all of her emails, and you seem to be missing a few key points you are hoping she can clear up for you. (1) what email address did she use to report the damaged bag (2) What address did she send the bag back to? (3) what is the delivery confirmation number of the returned bag (4) what damage does she feel was made to the bag? (5) When was the bag returned because as of yet you have not received it.
  12. oh very sorry to hear of this mess. It is quicksand out on Ebay most of the time these days. So very hard. There are scammers everywhere and it sounds like one has got you. Stand firm. Call Paypal immediately and find out what action if any this person has taken. Maybe you have scared her off.
  13. Do you have a complete pcture record for the bag you sold? Don't give up, fighting for your right is very right! Bless you! And please give follow-ups. Want to know the finale!
  14. Paypal can take money out of your bank account?????
  15. I've been in the negative before and Paypal does not take money from your account! They will charge your credit card first, if they can't do that then your account sits in the negative until it's cleared. They will usually lock your account until it's brouhgt back to the positive side.

    As for the buyer claiming they mailed it back-You have 10 days until the claim is up. If they cannot provide proof that it was mailed and you claim it was NOT received you willnot have to refund the money. If this person really is as much of a moron as it sounds then they probably did not bother to get tracking info for the bag.
    Good luck!!