1. yes..its pricey....
  2. WOW! lol....its really cute tho
  3. Holy cow --- that is one expensive little thing! Cute, though!
  4. I agree, waayyy too much for a little charm, its very rare tho
  5. very pricey!
  6. Holy cow! It's really cute, but way too pricey!
  7. I would rather get a few bags :nuts:
  8. This is really marked up alot! Cute tho ;)
  9. Cute but pricey... :s
  10. I must get this $2,599 bag to hold my tic-tacs in!!!!!!!!!!!??!!//asdfhdhfyfyfggh!!!
  11. That's what I'm thinking!
  12. Really cute. very pricey.
  13. I don't think it's THAT much at the LV store. I saw the monogram one before Christmas and it was around $1000 CAD. That is one big price gouging. Whoever is selling this bag probably works in the oil and gas industry too.
  14. i wonder what that thing fits.....does it have as much capacity as a mini HL?