Oh wow, this will be mine

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  1. I am pretty confidant I will be bringing my bleecker duffle back to exchange for this beauty.
  2. Ooh, that's pretty. Which bag is it?
  3. That is a pretty bag. Is it from the Thompson line?
  4. I :heart: that bag! I want to know what colors it's going to come in. If it comes in a color other than black or brown, I'm all over it! Anyone know anything about this bag-available colors? name? price? size? Too bad we can't use PCE on it :tdown: Ah well...maybe next time.

    You know....I'm never going to get a Carly if I keep putting all these other bags ahead of her. I'm such a sucker for leather!
  5. is that the slim tote?

    man i love it but it is SLIM...i mean really slim...so be careful...stuff like cosmetic pouches and such will NOT work in the bag!
  6. no, it's not the slim tote, it's the Thompson Hobo. Completely different bag. I forget the width on it.
  7. that's ink, not black, and it's only ink and brown
  8. I love it!
  9. It will be mine as well!!!!! Thanks for posting!
  10. Nicce, I really like that! YAY SLOUCH!