oh wow, the gold miroir photographs really beautifully!!!

  1. I took some pics of my gold speedy and WOAH, it photographs quite beautifully. Its such a gorgeous shade of gold and the camera captures it really well. I just sat there and stared at it for a few minutes admiring its beauty haha! Anyways, its too bad im not keeping her, but I know I wouldnt wear it out in fear of drawing excess attention to myself hehe! I hope whomever gets this bag, will love her!!!!:heart:
    gold lv speedy 005.jpg gold lv speedy 018.jpg gold lv speedy 001.jpg
  2. congrats
  3. i know what you mean! i love the miroir in gold, it looks gorgeous in photos... i didn't get one, but i know i probably wouldn't get much use out of it. if i had the money, i'd probably get it for the sake of collecting
  4. Yay, I see!
    Your Gold Speedy is really gorgeous in pics!
    And absolutely, it looks really great IRL!!!
  5. I thought you were returning her? Now you are selling her?:confused1:
  6. It is stunning ... great photos:heart:
  7. My gosh the Gold speedy is so photogenic! But it'd probably be too 'bling' for me to wear out. :sad:
  8. LOL excess attention. I would b worried its a magnet for thieves who want to steal my bag!
  9. You´re right, it does photograph beautifully!!
  10. Very pretty,hope you get a good price if you sell yours.I had someone offer me $3,000.00 for my Silver Mirior Speedy but I declined the offer.
  11. It's so gorgeous that it brings tears to my eyes. :crybaby:
  12. I love the gold miroir speedy. Its just TDF. :smile:
  13. pretty :smile:
  14. it looks gorgeous!
  15. Sell it !