Oh Wow.. I broke My Mini Ban.. Won Foresta MM!

  1. Oooh, a Maui seller. My bf is from Maui. Hehe.
  2. I'd pay $150 for a Foresta MM, and think you got an excellent price! Congrats on your cute new addition!
  3. I'd definitely pay $150 for a FORESTA MM!! Hawaii retail price for a MM is already $157 (without tax) so I'd say that you got a DEAL there!! :tup:
  4. Thank you..:tup:... I shouldnt have gotten it though. Hubby is going to kill me because I am going to buy a Tutti bag this weekend. Oh well, tough for him...lol... :roflmfao:
  5. So cute, Danelys!! $150 is definitely a good price, especially for Foresta... I just won an Olive Cammo MM over the weekend for $131. Congratulations!
  6. Aww Thank you.. And congrats for you too. :yahoo:
  7. Wahhhhh!!:crybaby:
    You are now the proud new owner of MY Foresta Mamma Mia. [sniffle, sniffle]
    I think we were both BIN at same time, you were just quicker with your fingers. When I was done confirming I got the slap in the face!!

    I've been looking for that placement FOREVER! It's my perfect MM. (Koi fishies, smiling tiger, baby dino - it's just cruel!). I have 0 retailers here. eBay was my only hope. Blahhhh!!


    Why? Why? :hysteric:

    P.S. Sorry, just feeling sad for myself. Hope you like you bag. :shame:
  8. I'm glad you got it, otherwise I would have ... ;)
  9. I'm sorry. :wondering... I'm sure you'll find another one. I live in Miami and trust me, you cant find Tokidoki here either. So I know how it feels...

    Mama22Boys.. lol thank you...
  10. That's classic!! I live in Miami too!! But you said you were going to buy a Tutti this weekend! Where? Give it up!! Where are you shopping for Tokis?:nuts:
  11. i think thats a great deal :smile: the last one on eBay was like 200+ i think
  12. LOL.. Awesome a fellow Tokidoki lover in Miami. The only place they have it here in Miami is Up Against the Wall at Sunset Place and they get a VERY small selection.... I am going this Saturday, we should bump into eachother... I have no one that understands my love for tokidoki here...:yes:

  13. Thank you! and Yay.. Then I got a deal... woohoo :happydance:

  14. oooo you SCORED! yes that's a great price considering they're so HTF! I'm glad you got it..! (good ole mini ban eh?) HAHA!!