Oh wow, I am drooling!

  1. I think its going to be like the mono's-585.00 for the 30 .i'd wait , there suppose to be released on the 1st of june.
  2. Cute! I've heard that they are going to be in the US$700.00 range.:blink:
  3. I can wait for a $1-200 savings!!
  4. according to my SA last week, the damier speedy will be priced the same as the mono...it's crazy though, because so many people are being told many different things.
  5. When I called 866-vuitton two weeks ago, I was told the damier speedies will be the same prices as the corresponding monogram pricing. $565 for the 25 and $585 for the 30.
  6. That's what I've been told too.
  7. id figured it would be the same as the mono because all the mono small goods are pirced the same as the identical damier small goods
  8. me too. I called last week too
  9. None of SA I talked to know the price for damier speedy.I wonder with all the inquiries regarding damier speedy will only bump the price up.
  10. TH1006 means born on 2006 October? Please someone, tell me what i am missing here....? :blink:
  11. It could be a 3, I can't really tell. If it is a 3 then it makes sense since he/she said the bag was purchase in 2004.
  12. Yea, I went back and asked my SA, she said the price in the computer had changed down to the same as the mono.
  13. I hope the price is the same as the mono. :nuts:
  14. well, most of the time- the Damier Sac Plat is $120 more than the mono one.