Oh wow, did someone see this bid on ebay???!!

  1. Help! I want to see it, but the pictures at work are blocked - what is it?
  2. the condition looks new but the price really :wtf: me!
  3. oh my god, SO CRAZY!!!!!
  4. Can you imagine if the buyer actually pays for that bag. The seller would be so happy, but I doubt that is going to be the case.
  5. That seems nuts. I tend to doubt the buyer would pay that. Great for the seller if they do but I'd be rather skeptical!
  6. Pardon me BUT that is too crazy, maybe in Alligator:shocked:
  7. is a "vintage" lambskin jumbo flap
  8. What?:wtf: I wonder if the buyer will actually pay for that item too...mmm..
  9. I think the seller just relisted it
  10. I wonder if its a shill bidder?

    Wonder why they would relist and not offer to the next high bidder?
  11. yea she did, i think the buyer who won this bag could be an account she set up to raise bids or some scam non-serious bidder! acks! 5k for a vintage jumbo, that's like daylight robbery!
  12. got damn !!!!!
    I hope she wasnt shill bidding....if she was I hope no one buys it on the relist..thats crazy to do.
    mmm I wonder what I could get for my red jumbo?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  13. the previous red jumbo was sold for 3800? i think
  14. ^ yea it did! with bijoux chain in lambskin!